Artists of The Bubble: St Andrews’ creative students


Andrew Pearson, 4th Year Medicine 

Andrew Pic
Photo: Andrew Pearson

What do you enjoy photographing? 

I was travelling in Malaysia during the summer, and I loved taking shots of the streets or people.When I’m back home in the Scottish countryside, I enjoy landscape photography.

What inspired you to take up photography?

I only actually started last November, when I bought a DSLR camera with my granddad’s inheritance. I’ve always liked photography, but I suppose having a good camera forced me to improve my technique.

What would you like to achieve in your photography?

I would love to travel more, and photograph lots more different and interesting things. It’s a great way of keeping memories of your travels.

Are you involved in photography in St Andrews?

I’m a member of the photography society, but we don’t always have the best weather here in St Andrews, so it’s not the best for outdoor photography. I much prefer shooting in sunny weather!

Andrew Art
Photo: Andrew Pearson


Mary McClure, 2nd Year Medieval History and Art History 

Mary Pic
Photo: Mary McClure

What kind of artist are you?

I mostly do oil paintings, but the technicalities are hard, especially when I don’t have all my equipment here in St Andrews. Here. I mostly do pieces involving graphite and ink, as it’s faster and easier. I love going to life drawing on Tuesdays with ArtSoc. It’s such a great opportunity to create striking images of the human form.

Has your style changed over time?

I only used to copy from the great artists, to find a style and then try and imitate it. But I’ve definitely found my own style in the past year. Each medium I use is inspired by a different artist.

Which artists inspire you?

Vermeer is my favourite, and he’s probably the greatest oil painter ever. The textures, colours and use of light in his work is unbelievable, with such amazing realism.

Has anything from your life inspired you?

In terms of my personal life, my aunt is an artist and I lover her style. She really inspires me with my oil painting.

What would like to see more of in the St Andrews art scene?

Well there are obviously not studio art classes here, but there is still a surprising amount of artistic activity
organised by students. My work was displayed in a student organised exhibition last week, and there was a surprising number of submissions. Some day I’d love to have my own gallery show.

Mary Art



Hannah Sycamore, 4th Year Art History 

Hannah Pic
Photo: Hannah Sycamore

What kind of artist art you?

I work mostly in mixed media and textiles, using photographs, newspaper clippings, lace, various fabrics, buttons, and other objects I find. I can draw, but I much prefer to sew. I’m also president of Craft Soc. I make my own cards, canvases and notebook covers. Then, over the summer, I sell them at craft fairs.

Has your style changed over time?

I think it has become more refined, and neater.

Which artists inspire you?

One artist who inspires me is called Tracy Levine. She is a landscape painter in the Lakes, and she is fantastic at catching the mood of a landscape. She really captures the bright heather up on the moors and the dull skies. She also painted Iona’s white sandy beaches, which were so fantastic my parents bought a print. I also love the work of an artist called Priscilla Jones who does all sorts of collage creations and works with wire to make teapots. Also, I like the work of Viv Sliwka. She works a lot with round objects and is inspired by nostalgia and memory.

Has anything from your life inspired you?

I’m obviously very inspired by nature, and by nostalgia and childhood. I also love talking to people who are interested in crafts. I go to a lot of craft fairs and stitching shows around the UK, and I’ve met so many amazing people there, such as a woman who knits wool from her own sheep.

What role does art have in St Andrews?

Definitely much more than you think! There are little pockets of art everywhere in this small town. I volunteer at Museum of the University of St Andrews, and they have great exhibitions, and do craft workshops for children and adults. I’d love to see more crafts obviously and more awareness of crafts in St Andrews! It’s amazing what you can make with a little inspiration, and it makes Christmas presents so much cheaper for us students!

Hannah Art


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