Themes for House Parties


So you’ve had a couple of weeks to settle into your new flat and now it’s time for some hosting duties. Here are six themes for your house party that will make it stand out from the swathes of generic get-togethers you’ll be competing with.

The Films of John Goodman: Lots of people host glamour-era Hollywood themed parties where people come dressed as Marylyn Monroe, James Stewart and Cary Grant, but how about celebrating the stellar work of John Goodman? Sure he may not be as iconic as James Dean or as hot as Grace Kelly but he is the star of such classic as: The Big Lebowski, Argo, Monsters Inc (and University), Inside Llewyn Davis, Flight, The Artist, O Brother Where Art Thou, Raising Arizona, The Monuments Men, Barton Fink and even a couple of episodes of Futurama…. Actually given that he’s been in pretty much every film made since 1987 you might be better off just calling it a general Movie-themed party instead.

Binary Code: Popular amongst Computer Scientists, Binary Code house parties require minimal effort and allow guests who forgot there was a theme to save themselves from embarrassment by standing upright all night and say they’ve come as the number 1.

Latin American Wars of Independence: A really enjoyable way to celebrate this hideously violent chapter of South American history; that is, of course, until the awkward moment where you realise that everyone’s come dressed as Simon Bolivar, and even then they’re not sure if he’s the guy that was actually in those wars.

My House Is Bigger and Better Than Your House: This one requires a bit more planning in that you’re going to have to locate and successfully be given a lease for a house which is guaranteed to be grander than all your friends’ several months before you actually host the party. After that it’s basically a matter of making gratuitous use of every room in the house and blowing the whole of your loan on opulent luxuries so that your friends will slightly envy you for the rest of the night. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what uni’s all about?

Intervention: Pick the flatmate you slightly resent (there’s always one), invite all their friends round and force them to magnify and criticise all their essentially rather mild flaws. Useful tip: Sanctimony is always best served with sangrias.

BYOA (Bring Your Own Absinth): It’s all fun and games until everyone starts throwing-up their own bile.


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