St Andrews’ very own (model) United Nations Conference


St Andrews’ very own Model United Nations Conference is coming up over the 17th- 19th October. This is the second international debating conference held by SaintMUN and delegates from all over the world will be descending on our tiny Scottish town to join in the fun.

The Secretary General, Lewis Fairfax, promises a weekend that will give participants ‘the incredible opportunity to mix with people from all corners of the globe.’

For those not in the know, Model United Nations is exactly what it sounds like: a replica of the United Nations. Each delegate represents a country and so they debate from the perspective of that nationality’s viewpoint. For example, France will have a very different perspective on nuclear weapons to North Korea. The society debate international issues and aim to come to a conclusion in the form of a written resolution.

Max Wirka, the President of the MUN Committee, added:

“MUN is all things to all people, combining elements of the academic, social, and professional for an enjoyable, interdisciplinary, educational experience.”



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