Drinking games banned in Sallies


Video: Alex Longson and Naomi Sarah Law; Voiceover: Henry Legg

St Salvator’s Hall has placed a ban on drinking games, in an effort to reduce pressure on students to drink alcohol and prevent damage to communal areas.

According to the St Salvator’s Hall Warden, Samantha Lister, “the University does not condone any activity which may pressurise students into drinking alcohol. This was stressed to students as part of the Warden’s Welcome at St Salvator’s Hall, and also in other halls of residence.

She added: “Students were also reminded of the importance of looking after their hall of residence and, in particular, the common areas, which have been damaged in the past as a result of drinking games. We want to ensure that common areas are maintained in excellent condition for the use of all residents.”

The decision divided opinion among the hall’s residents. “It is reasonable…having a bunch of drunk people in the halls could be very disruptive to others,” commented Caroline, a fresher from California.Never have I ever seen the common room so bare: drinking games have been forced out of communal areas in St Salvator’s Hall.

Whilst other students also acknowledged the rationality behind the decision, they had doubts about whether it could be successfully enforced.

Those who disagreed with the University’s decision on the ban considered it to be “unfair” and “unnecessary for the drinking games that are non-destructive.” Rhiannon, a fresher from Larbert, remarked that, “The University should give the new students a chance rather than restricting our choices.”

Last year in McIntosh Hall, a ban was placed on the popular drinking game beer pong.

It remains unclear whether any other halls of residence have adopted a similar policy. This would be a matter of discretion for each individual hall.


  1. “It remains unclear whether any other halls of residence have adopted a similar policy.” If only there was some way we could solve this inscrutable mystery! Journalism is hard, you guys.


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