DRA enforces limit of one piece of fruit per meal


Residents of David Russell Apartments (DRA) will only be allowed one piece of fruit per meal to fall in line with policy at other catered halls.

The new restriction has been imposed most recently in DRA, but is supposed to be the same across all catered halls; though it is debatable whether this is being enforced to the same extent everywhere. There are various little known rules for catered meals, such as the limit of three items of hot breakfast per resident, which can amount to as little as a tomato, an egg and a mushroom.

This rule has also been heavily implemented in McIntosh hall.

A spokesperson for the University said: “Catering services work hard to provide fresh, healthy food choices for all students in catered halls. Students are welcome to eat as much as they like in the dining hall within an agreed allowance, including one piece of fresh fruit per meal time.”

The reasoning behind this seems to be financial, as “all halls apply the same policy as provisions budgets apply.”


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