Class representative elections extended


Nominations for the class representative elections had to be extended last week from Friday until Sunday at midday because of a lack of interest.

Ondrej Hajda, director of representation, confirmed that a number of the 350 positions were uncontested.

Voting for class representatives is taking place this week. It will end tomorrow (Friday, 3rd October) at 5 pm.

Mr Hajda explained the role of class representatives: “Class reps are really cool because they are at the core of the Students’ Association academic representation. When we are feeding any information to the University about modules, about how we are generally feeling about what the University is doing right and wrong it usually starts with the class reps because they are there in the modules.

“Then it goes up and up the different structures. So class reps can feed into their school presidents and then the school presidents can work with me and we can actually address the University. So class reps are the grass roots level of any convening.”


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