Circus Saturdays cancelled: “It will take a superhero to make Saturdays successful” for Union


Circus Saturdays have been cancelled after a short run of four weeks, with a poor turn-out at each event.

Managed by an external promoter company run by Sean Bennett, Circus Saturdays were introduced to the Union at the start of this semester with a heavy promotional campaign. Mr Bennett had previously worked in various venues in Dundee and St Andrews.

Leon O’Rourke, director of events and services (DoES), said: “Circus Saturdays has not stopped as a brand, but are taking a brief hiatus due to events going on in St Andrews and the subsequent clashing dates.

“St Andrews is one of the only Students’ Associations in the UK that did not use an external promoter which we felt should be addressed. The introduction of an external group provides us with a risk free income in our bars and with added support we can appeal to a wider group of students. This kind of arrangement is not uncommon even in St Andrews and is done by other establishments within the town as well as ourselves in the past.

“This is merely testing the waters to see where we can move forward with the new build.”

Mr O’Rourke was unable to confirm whether or when Circus Saturdays would be returning to the Union.

He said: “We’re looking into how we want to move forward. It’s hard to say what the best approach will be but there are plenty of meetings to be had.”

Pat Mathewson, president of the Students’ Association, commented that Saturdays have always been the night when St Andrews students are the least inclined to go out. “It will take a superhero to make Saturdays successful,” he said, “But [Mr O’Rourke] has the best shot of anyone I’ve ever met.”

Mr O’Rourke was the only DoES to have sold out all of the Union’s Freshers’ Week events, according to Mr Mathewson.


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