Carnegie Club IDEAS Conference 2014: What to expect


It’s that time of year again, and the Carnegie Club is hosting its annual IDEAS Conference. Featuring a wide swath of panelists from top companies across the UK and the world, the IDEAS Conference this year focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Conference will commence at 9:30AM in Lower and Upper College Hall, and will host panelists to speak from the three core pillars of Andrew Carnegie’s principles; Education, Business and Charity. The IDEAS conference will run throughout the day, including networking time built in as coffee and lunch breaks – perfect for the keen and enterprising students looking to make connections outside of the Bubble.

The Carnegie Club has been described as one of the University’s leading societies for academia and student-led entrepreneurship, and the conference is expected to be well attended after it’s sell-out inaugural event last year.

This year, the committee has billed the conference as one that encompasses the three principles of Carnegie’s mission:

“To spend the first third of one’s life getting all the education one can; to spend the next third making all the money one can; to spend the last third giving it all away for worthwhile causes.”

The first panel will focus on education, followed by the second panel featuring business professionals including U from KPMG, Per Hillström from Morgan Stanley, Bob Evans from Wellington Management. The third panel, centered on charity, will host Ami Bloomer from Give What Your Good At, Debbie Forster from Apps For Good, Matthew McStravick from Economy of Hours and Javier Garcia from Photo Foundation.

The universal application of the speeches will leave students and academics with multiple outlets to increase their acumen; there is an IDEA for everyone. With clearly organized topics and panels relevant to students, the Club has ensured that the conference structure is easy to navigate.

Those interested in hearing more from the speakers on education can look forward to hearing from Hyper Island, and those more interested in business have a wide choice of speakers to drop in on talks from professionals from top firms likes of Morgan Stanley and Wellington Management.

Following the morning talks, attendees have the opportunity to workshop with the panelists, with interview skills and developing new enterprising skills.

For all you would-be Steve Jobs out there; this is not an event to miss.



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