Album Review in Brief: Our Love


Given the success of 2010 album Swim it is a wonder that Caribou took so long for another album. Dan Snaith, the brains behind the funky electronica of Caribou, was busy recording an album under one of his many other pseudonyms ‘Daphni’, now four years on from the last Caribou effort he returns to his most critically acclaimed moniker to release Our Love, but echoes of his previous works come through in the album. The beats have certainly been influenced by Daphni’s more techno driven sound; the tighter, more repetitive beats throughout the album testament to an artist who continues to grow with each album he releases. In spite of the brilliance of album opener ‘Can’t Do Without You’, the repetitiveness grows slightly tiring over listening intently to the entire album. Not one to blast unless dancing, and even then it is not outright danceable, the album is best listened to at a slightly lower volume, and allowed to wash over you. Expertly mixed by David Wrench, the sound is vivid and the hooks close to the excellence of 2010’s Swim but it never quite has the energy of the grooves of its predecessor. While a rich and texture-laden album, one can’t help but feel that it is counterintuitively a step back from before; more complex than earlier Caribou albums, it lacks the simple genius of albums such as Swim and Andorra. 




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