What to wear: STARFIELDS


On 13 September, St Andrews Charity Fashion Show’s STARFIELDS will headline Freshers’ Week. This sold-out event, housing 2,000 attendees, will give freshers a taste of the grandeur that is FS. At STARFIELDS, students will be treated to six acts including Nick Grimshaw, Model Aeroplanes, Neon Jungle, Bade Records and DJ Saunit.

On the fashion front, this compilation of artists calls for styles inspired by famous music festivals. Pieces such as graphic tees, necklaces, fringe kimonos and crop tops are a great starting point to build from. These festival-inspired garments are ideal because they can be edited to suit the encroaching cold weather. A kimono with high-waist jeans, necklaces and a cropped shirt is an example of a look that would suit STARFIELDS this year. Although casual fringe dresses are also a great option, wearing tights is recommended. To keep the dress casual, thick-heeled ankle boots would be appropriate for this look.

For boys, skinny jeans and a denim shirt with converses is a classic way to suit STARFIELDS’ theme. Opting for either dark jeans and a light-wash denim shirt or light jeans and a dark-wash denim shirt will prevent this look from resembling Justin Timberlake in the Britney Spears days, and will instead give off a casual cool vibe. For the more daring St Andrews boy, loose pants in a bohemian print would also be appropriate.

Accessory-wise, adding futuristic accents to classic casual wear is another great way to abide by STARFIELDS’ theme. Holographic prints on casual accessories such as slip-on trainers or a simple shoulder bag are recommended.

For those who feel like pulling a Karl Lagerfeld, be sure to rock mirrored shades or club master sunglasses. Standout shades not only add a festival flair, but they can also be great props for photos later in the night.

Before going all out in space age / festival-inspired garb, it is important to take practicality into account. If you reside far from Lower College Lawn, bringing a light jacket is recommended. An army coat or a leather jacket would not only suit the weather, but their style would easily co-ordinate with most casual ensembles. If you wear a kimono, skipping the light jacket is recommended, since anything layered over the top of a kimono tends to style awkwardly. For shoes, heels or new shoes are not recommended. The jostling crowds and hours of dancing at STARFIELDS last year provided even those in flats with foot pain.

Besides being an epic compilation of gigs, STARFIELDS is also one of the few opportunities for St Andrews students to dress casually. Unlike their black-tie counterparts, going all-out fashion-wise will only make the night more fun. So go ahead: wear those mirrored John Lennon shades indoors before the chill sets in and the suits come out.



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