What are Circus Saturdays?


Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Welcome to the greatest extravagancy the human eye can behold! Prepare yourself for the most breathtaking, mind-boggling, mystifyingly incredible night on Earth!

…Or so the ringmaster would shout to announce the arrival of Circus Saturdays, the new and improved Saturday nights out in St. Andrews.

Sitting down with the Director of Events and Services, Leon O’Rourke, and the creative genius behind Circus Saturdays, Sean Bennett, it became evident that the idea for Circus Saturdays was born from a necessity for a good Saturday night activity as the Student Union had previously not really provided students with any exciting options.

Given that Circus Saturdays had plenty of previous experience planning events in clubs all around the UK, it was a logical choice to rely on their expertise and allow them to take over Saturdays nights in Venue 1; an external promoter could bring in fresh ideas and concepts never before seen in St. Andrews so that students can have access to inventive but consistently fun nights out.

So what exactly is the circus bringing into town? For starters, Sean hopes to change the vibe of Venue 1, making use of tents and unique lighting to transform the venue from a generic dance hall to a vibrant club scene.

Exclusive guest list areas will be available for rent by sports teams and societies with perks such as their own personal alcohol stash, candy floss to drunkenly consume, and face painting for those walking on the wild side.

According to Sean, a revamped venue obviously calls for more exciting entertainment than the usual “overplayed dance music and flailing drunk people”. Living up to its Big Top name, Circus Saturdays organisers will be bringing in trapeze acts, jugglers, stilt walkers, and all sorts of crazy performers to bring a touch of the exotic and strange to our otherwise rather tame, little golf town.

If the daring feats being performed on stage are not enough to get your adrenaline pumping, Leon promised that it wont be long before the town’s hottest DJ’S Chris MacRae and Cameron Bell have you fist-pumping, slut-dropping, and otherwise grooving to their spot-on musical choices and perfect mixes.

For the nights when the duo are off painting the town, Sean added that he plans to have some of the best DJs from around the world swinging in to have us dancing till 2am, our feet refusing that dreadful walk back to halls or flats outside of town.

Not yet satisfied with all that excitement, ringmaster Sean claimed to have even more tricks up his sleeve. In his words, “who doesn’t want an excuse to dress-up and unleash our inner animal at crazy, circus-inspired theme nights or make funny faces under the supernatural glow of UV lights”? (He has a point – there ain’t no party like a UV party!)

Plus, if you’ve had 4 vodka shots too many and want proof that you looked fabulous before waking up with your head in a bin, Leon reminded me that Good Shout St. Andrews will be at every event snapping pictures and capturing each moment of a night you may not remember.

Best of all, this is just the beginning; plenty more ideas are cartwheeling around the brains of Circus Saturday’s creative team as increased familiarity with the venue will help the team push the envelope and test the limits of what’s possible. I have my fingers crossed for fire-breathers.

Seeing the excitement on Sean’s face as he describes each ambitious event makes me think that Saturdays might just be set to become the biggest night in St. Andrews this year; so I will be first in line when Circus Saturdays has its official launch party on Saturday 20th September.

The question is, are you ready to join the circus?


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