“We put the sin in Sinners”

Credit: Sage Lancaster

Sinners and its notorious reputation for drunken debauchery is known all throughout the land of St Andrews, and the Sinners of Freshers’ Week was no exception to this. With cheap drinks and sports teams in spandex, Sinners was the usual mix of crying and coupling.

The event did seem far less crowded and sweaty than vague memories of previous years, however, as the Union redesign added welcome space for people to mingle. This was a refreshing addition to Sinners and made it a lot more pleasant to be there.

Venue 1 was a similar affair as usual, except for giant translucent stars suspended from the ceiling in various colours, which were surprisingly cool decorations that the majority of drunken students likely wildly under-appreciated and forgot about by morning. If you were part of the lucky (or unlucky) group of people able to actually notice the decorations, they added a good vibe to the evening.

All in all, we put the sin in Sinners, and it was no more and no less than you would expect from a night out. While that might not seem like a good thing, it was oddly comforting to come back from summer and find that while some things change, others stay exactly the same.



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