The Kate Kennedy Club announces its annual Opening Ball


Opening Ball 2014 (new logo)When? Saturday 4 October

Where? Lower College Lawn, St Salvator’s Quad

Price? £35

With Freshers’ Week and the start of another semester at St Andrews rapidly approaching, incoming students should be on the lookout for more information on the Kate Kennedy Club’s time-honoured Opening Ball.

The Kate Kennedy Club (KKC) has promised The Saint that this year’s Opening Ball will be a fete of ‘Tatler’ levels of class and entertainment.

The KKC is the self-appointed guardian of the tradition and spirit of our 600-year-old university, and as such hosts its Opening Ball within the first few weeks of term each year, which it markets as “the first black tie event of the academic year”. (NB: Strictly speaking, given that the event takes place several weeks into the semester, in October, it is definitely not the first black tie event of the year – this is St Andrews after all!)

A hit with first years, the ball highlights and introduces students to the unique character and spirit of our small Scottish university.

Typically, attendees are greeted in true Scottish tradition, with highland pipers and a champagne reception on the Lower College Lawn promenade. For freshers hoping to get a feel for the University’s social life, Opening Ball is an event not to be missed.

Given that it’s set to be conveniently located in St Salvator’s Quad, there should be none of the queuing for buses or long journeys home that you might find with other balls, such as those hosted at Kinkell Byre.

Guests can expect a memorable and fun evening with multiple DJs and musical acts from across the UK.

Tickets are on sale now for the event; and the KKC will be keep event-goers up to date with the latest updates and announcements of musical acts and featured vendors on their Facebook Page. Beyond the launch site and Facebook Event, look for the KKC on Market Street and in town during Freshers’ Week for more information and tickets.


  1. The opening ball is probably the worst event I’ve ever been to in St Andrews. Getting creeped on by the weirdos from the Kate Kennedy Club is not fun and it feels like the entire event is designed to boost their egos. Avoid.

  2. A complete waste of money. The only people that attend Opening Ball are freshers who have been tricked in to thinking it is any good. It’s not.


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