The alternative guide to St Andrews

Photo: Elliot Davies

So you’ve been to Cathedral and the Ruins and you’ve had your picnics on the beach in the Botanic Gardens. But what next? Here’s a list of seven lesser- known sights and attractions which you must visit during your time in St Andrews.

1. Print and Design Office
Known as one of the most difficult departments to get accepted into and the  true core of the University’s academic  achievements, the stunning School of  Print & Design located on the Scores  generously opens its doors throughout  the week to give students a glimpse  of the goings on at this elite faculty.  Highlights of the guided tour include  the Binding and Laminating Rooms,  and on Thursdays there’s a printing  workshop not to be missed. A great  way to while away those seemingly  never-ending Freshers’ Week afternoons on a tight budget.

2. Pavement Slab on Bell Street
Everyone’s seen and avoided the PH  stone outside St Salvator’s Quadrangle,  but for more seasoned explorers how  about checking out the pavement- work outside Jack Wills on Bell Street?  Slightly more rectangular than any other slab in town, this is surely one of the  most ambitious architectural projects  ever developed here in St Andrews.  It’s open 24/7 which is good for people  with a busy schedule.

3. Pilmour Court (AKA Jack’s House)
Jack’s really friendly and is almost always in because he’s kind of sad that way. He sometimes has beer in the  fridge so why not drop by to say hello before making your way to another attraction?

4. The Citizen Bookshop Found on the corner of Church Street and South Street this beautiful bookshop dating back to 1890 provides a truly unique visiting experience in that  it doesn’t actually sell any literature.  You can lose yourself for a whole day  in there looking for the fiction or poetry section and you still won’t find it!  How many bookshops can offer that kind of endless entertainment?

5. The Moon
Having appeared in illustrious cities such as Paris, London, New York and  Rio we’re proud to announce that the  world-famous Moon is going to be  lighting up St Andrews all this year.  Going non-stop from evening till dawn, this is one phenomenon you’re going to have to see to believe. It’s the best  night of your life. Every night. You heard it here first.

6. St Leonard’s High School
Missing your school days? Luckily St Andrews is host to one of the most true-to-life school simulations on the market: St Leonard’s. Functioning just like a normal high school for your nostalgia’s sake, walk around the grounds  and relive such favourite school moments as: being told off for having  your top button undone, calling adults Mr and Mrs and being ridiculed for coming last in the sprint race. Just like old times!

7. The Graffiti On the Back of Seat 7  Row 9 in the Irvine Lecture Theatre
Cambridge may have the Fitzwilliam Museum and Bristol may have Bansky,  but St Andrews has put itself on the map in the art world with this anonymous masterpiece on display at the Irvine Lecture Theatre & Modern Art Gallery. The minimalist work which depicts a misshapen phallus with the caption ‘I’m so bored’ has invited much scholarly debate and interpretation amongst art critics and Freudian psychologists alike. Sadly, some students have attempted to deface the etching by sticking gum on it. Definitely worth  a visit although admission is a little steep at £20.


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