New details revealed about Fife Park redevelopment

An example of a kitchen / living room at CLV accommodation in Salford. Photo: Campus Living Villages

Campus Living Villages (CLV) has been named as the private company that will build and own the new Fife Park residences.

While the University will manage the residences and collect rents, this is the first time it has outsourced the building of accommodation.

Construction of the new flats began in June 2014. CLV is promising to provide 324 “state-of-the-art” student bedrooms for the academic year 2015-16. The complex will comprise nine blocks of flats, with a mixture of ensuite, non-ensuite and studio bedrooms. Rooms will be arranged in clusters of five, each with a shared kitchen and living space.

Gary Clarke, the chief executive officer for CLV UK, said: “We are delighted to be awarded the contract with University of St Andrews. As a global provider, we have a highly experienced team of experts that understands how to deliver the best in student residences and look forward to providing this for the University of St Andrews for the next 40 years.”

An example of a bedroom at CLV accommodation in Salford. Photo: Campus Living Villages

CLV currently owns 59 properties around the globe, including accommodation for the University of Bedfordshire, the Royal College of Music, and Salford University.

A spokesperson for CLV said: “The new accommodation replaces 1970s town houses (which had reached the end of their life) with new high spec student rooms. Residents will feel safe, secure and part of a close knit community.”

Responding to concerns about pastoral care in a privately-owned hall, CLV said the housing will provide the usual facilities: “Our development includes a warden’s apartment where a full time warden will be accommodated. The scheme also forms part of the University’s Fife Park and David Russell Apartments site, which has a full customer services and resident welfare provision.”

Though the University will set and collect rent, examples from other CLV accommodation may shed some light on what to expect. A standard ensuite room in CLV’s Fitzroy and Wenlock court at the University of Bedfordshire, opened in 2010, costs £130 per week. With a 42-week contract, the annual rent is £5,460. A double ensuite room costs £5,838 and a studio flat costs £6,510.

At Salford University, a three-bedroom flat with a living room costs £96 per week per person. This includes bills and WiFi.

“Students really enjoy life at the village,” said the CLV spokesperson. “The facilities are modern and cater for their needs.”


  1. what ever happened to maintaining affordable accommodation. I remember being in that protest through St Andrews back in 2008 I think it was, when they promised to try. Looks like they just waited till people who cared about 2K accomodation left.

  2. Whilst I agree Fife Park needed to be replaced, the new accommodation should have been designed to be as affordable as possible. As Tony stated, there were protests years ago to ensure there would be a like-for-like replacement in Fife Park, which this clearly isn’t. How long before Albany Park is also replaced by other “state-of-the-art” properties meaning ordinary students aren’t able to afford accommodation in St Andrews?


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