Misty weather means CROSSWALK misses the mark


IMG_25711Who doesn’t love an event at Kinkell? Or better yet, day drinking? It appears that the Fashion Shows have been colluding as the year has started off with not one, but two day drinking ‘festivals’ to kick off the Fashion season.

Riding on the coat tails of FS’s launch event Starfields, DONT WALK’s newest venture, CROSSWALK, followed similar suit this Wednesday. Both fashion launches featured festival themes and early start times; a questionable choice as many were confused at the prospect of getting wasted before supper.

Speaking with a DW committee member, I heard that CROSSWALK was promised to differ from other St Andrews events in several ways, from the location of the event to its unique amenities and theme.

Based on a classic carnival, Kinkell was transformed into a fairground that, on a sunny day, would have been stunning. However, in the cold mist, the carnival games and rides left event goers less than enthralled and the early starting time of 2 pm left many weary at the thought of partying on a Wednesday.

Prior to leaving for the event, it was hard to imagine enjoying the beautiful day of rides, games, drinking and merriment promised to CROSSWALK goers in the overcast mist covering St Andrews; and in the hours leading up to the event, it transpired that  my concerns were not unfounded, as the CROSSWALK Facebook page was filled with would-be event goers selling their tickets in a last ditch resort to avoid the weather.

Inside Kinkell’s idyllic barn, a DONT WALK committee member told The Saint that “the beauty of the event was that, for once, Kinkell wasn’t completely packed”.

He continued, saying that it was nice to be able to “have actual conversations, and enjoy the event without being crowded”.

On this point Don’t Walk delivered, as the event allowed for attendees to mill about and chat, enjoying the Buffalo Food Truck and Butler’s Wraps (a ball classic). The free chocolates, popcorn and cotton candy were a hit with the slightly inebriated crowd, many of whom had taken advantage of the £40 prosecco available at the well stocked bar.

While the easy access to the fairground and rides was a plus for the event, the outdoor area was shut down at five o’clock to push people indoors and onto the (very empty) dance floor.

Speaking to other attendees, many noted that while they had been wary of attending a day drinking party in the middle of the week, they had expected a bit more given the hype of DONT WALK’s elaborate advertising.

One event-goer felt especially disgruntled with the event, stating:”It’s really awkward because this was DONT WALK’s attempt to put on an event that people would enjoy, especially after last year’s fiasco.”

All in all, CROSSWALK was well-intentioned and well-executed. The fairgrounds, interior and amenities provided by the DONT WALK committee were flawless, and in my opinion, only the uncontrollable weather unfortunately affected CROSSWALK attendance.

Had there been more people at the event, CROSSWALK had serious potential. Unfortunately, the combination of misty weather, post-Fresher’s fatigue and awkward scheduling resulted in a less than tantalizing event.

Sadly, CROSSWALK proved that simply hosting a trendy festival doesn’t translate to success; and not having to queue for a drink doesn’t make things better if it’s on account of there being nobody there.


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