University denies report of student arrest

Photo: SalFaxo

The University has denied claims, reported by The Stand, that the man who bit another’s ear off at Oktoberfest last year was a student.

Niall Scott, the University’s director of corporate communications, said: “We have no record of the person named in the report ever being a student at St Andrews.”

The Stand – affiliated with The Tab network – reported Emanuele Ferrero de Gubernatis Ventimiglia as being an Italian “student of the University of St Andrews”.

Other media outlets, including The Courier and STV, have described Mr Ventimiglia as a businessman currently living in London.

As he left the charity event, Mr Ventimiglia became involved in a fight with Jamie Barr, biting his ear off. He was acquitted of the charge of assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court earlier this week.


  1. Where in the Stand’s report does it say he was a student at St Andrews? Just refers to him as a student. This article simply looks like a petty attack on a rival publication.

    • Um, in the first line Tim.
      ‘A student of the University of St Andrews, Emanuele Ferrero de Gubernatis…..’

      Quite clear really. You obviously work for The Stand. Only then would one be capable of such idiocy.

  2. Seems like the inbred Fiat family from Turin can’t keep out of trouble!
    Wind back a few years and you can read about Mr Ferrero’s cousin Lapo Elkan’s brush with a transvestite prostitute along with a nice coke cocktail overdose!
    Of course he got off, these people are above the law wherever they decide to leave their trail of trouble! Another trustafarian getting away with murder whilst us mere mortals suffer!


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