St Andrews taps run dry after water pipe bursts

Photo Credit: Elliot Davies
Photo Credit: Elliot Davies
Photo: Elliot Davies

Update at 9 pm:

A Scottish Water spokesman confirmed that repair work on the burst water pipe was almost complete.

He said: “Only a small number of properties are without water. We expect properties in a wider area may have experienced some disruption to supply earlier, however, we managed to isolate the section of mains and minimise inconvenience.

“We apologise for any inconvenience and are grateful to customers for their patience.”


Many residents and students have seen their water supply severely affected after a pipe burst at Gibson Place, located next to the Old Course.

“Customers in KY16 St Andrews currently experiencing disruption to supply. A burst has been located which we are currently on our way to,” the water supplier tweeted.

The burst pipe caused heavy flooding around the Swilcan Bridge, an area which has since been cordoned off from the public. Around five workmen, aided by a digger, attempted to repair the broken pipe.

The disruption occurred just after 5 pm as Scottish Water reported incidents of “loss of water supply, low pressure and discoloured water”.

Many took to Facebook and Twitter to voice their concerns. Graylyn Loomis commented: “Slightly alarming that our flat has zero water here in St Andrews… apparently we aren’t the only ones!”

Georgie Maclachlan said the flow of her tap had become a “pathetic dribble” while Ali Hill said the University library had also been affected.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “We hope to have supplies restored as quickly as possible. We will update this message as soon as information becomes available to us.”

Photo Credit: Elliot Davies
Photo: Elliot Davies


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