The top eight events in the Bubble


St Andrews Cannes Festival

Don’t miss out on the final night of St Andrews’ very own Cannes film festival, inspired by the French original. The last night of screenings will be on 10 April in School 5 at 7 pm, where the French Society will be showing De rouille et d’os by Jacques Audiard, which competed for the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes festival. So come along and enjoy a night of film and culture – if you’re lucky you might run into a celebrity, and failing that, at least you’ll get to see some good films!

The Vaudeville Spectacular

Trade in your Barber and Hunters (or onesie and slippers for those of you in deadline hell) for your spiffiest glad rags, and head to the Vaudeville Spectacular, a showcase celebrating the ‘seedy glamour and faded glory’ of the 1920s cabaret scene. Get a wiggle on to Venue 2 on 10 April at 10:30 pm, where artists from St Andrews and beyond will be putting on the Ritz, promising to make this night the cat’s meow.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind 5k

Hosted by the women’s lacrosse team, the 5k fun run on 11 April benefits Healthy Body Healthy Mind, a charity aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues. While some may scoff at paying to run a 5k – an activity many would not do for free – all the proceeds from the £5 entry fee go to charity. So put on those trainers and get running!

Open Mic Night

Though they may at first seem to appeal to vastly different crowds, Folk and TradSoc and Rocksoc will come together on the 11th to host the On the Rocks Open Mic Night, held in Venue 2 at 9 pm. All genres are welcome, and there will be performances from folk and rock to blues and jazz. A cappella may even make an appearance, because goodness knows the St Andrews social scene is sorely lacking it…


Community performance painting workshop

Hosted by On the Rocks, this workshop combines both dance and painting to demonstrate the idea that “the performance of painting is as important as the final result”. The aim is that the different physical movements of dancing will create varied and unexpected artistic results. So give in to your whimsical inclinations and head out to Church Square on the 12th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm.

Big Top Ball

In partnership with Charities Campaign and On The Rocks, Big Top Ball is St Andrews’ only circus-themed ball. The event promises circus acts, fairground games, tasty treats and a real big top tent. So roll up, roll up and head out on the 12th for the Best Show on… Lower College Lawn. On the Rocks closing party All good things must come to an end, even On the Rocks. It lived a happy, if brief, life so don’t let OTR go away in sadness and tears. Instead, come and celebrate its life and times at Venue 2 on 13 April. There will be artwork of all mediums, from painting to photography. There will even be free cocktails, arguably a work of art in its own right. If you’re unlucky enough to be missing all of the action, then check out our OTR hub online.

Fight Night

Don’t miss out on your chance to cheer on friends (or boo enemies) as they battle it out in the ring against competitors from several other Scottish universities on the 17th. St Andrews Boxing Club presents the annual Fight Night, an event that promises blood, sweat and beers, all in the name of the charity Families First.


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