SSC round-up: renaming the ball convenor, renewing Association projects and holding charities campaign elections


The Student Services Council (SSC) held their first meeting since the 2014 student elections on Tuesday 22 April, in the Committee Room at 7pm. This will be the last meeting of the councils during this academic year.

Two motions were quickly passed. The first was a proposal to rename the ball convenor of the SSC charities campaign. The motion was put forward by Kyle Blain, the SSC charities officer, and suggested that the position’s name be changed from ‘ball and socials coordinator’ to simply ‘ball coordinator’. It was passed with neither debate nor objection from any committee member.

The second motion proposed to renew the arts festival On the Rocks, the Class Gift project, and the annual Scott Lang Dinner as Association projects. The Association president for the academic year 2013-2014, Chloe Hill, suggested that these Association projects be better advertised, so as to attract further nominations. Nevertheless, the motion was carried unanimously.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to reports from both the Sabbatical Officers and other members of the committee.

Most officers reported that they had successfully held annual general meetings, in which sub-committee members for the coming academic year had been elected.

Notably, Ms Hill, said that a business plan for the Union-run letting agency that she pledged in her election manifesto in 2013 was underway. The sabbatical officers also reported that a new name for the ‘Sky Bar’ in Venue 2 had been decided upon.

The SSC charities officer, Kyle Blain, reported that the charities campaign had decided upon three primary charities to support throughout the next academic year. Families First was elected as a local charity, Macmillan Cancer Support was chosen as a national charity and Medicines Sans Frontieres as the global charity. He said that the Charities Campaign may raise between £78,000 and £100,000 this year.

Moreover, the Association LGBT officer, Fallon Sheffield, reported that LGBT’s sexy health week, which seeks to promote safe sexual relations, was currently being planned.


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