SRC round up: management of the Barron theatre, and election to the discipline subcommittee


In the first meeting since the March diet of elections, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and Student Services Council (SSC) jointly agreed on two motions about the Barron theatre and the renaming of a position on the societies committee.  The SSC also heard a motion individually and elected members to the discipline sub-committee.

The first motion seen was regarding the management of the Barron theatre.  Daniel Palmer, the director of events and services, suggested that the management be formalised, to bring it, and the new committee formed to manage it, under the purview of the SSC.  The motion also created a convenor selection committee who would pick the manager, as well as a procedure to remove the Barron manager.  The motion was amended to correct the title of one of the positions, then passed.

The next and final motion that both councils saw was one that re-named the position of risk assessment processor of the SSC societies committee.  An amendment was passed to take into account the fact that SSC societies committee had not yet voted on it, though it will be addressed at next week’s AGM.

“There used to be a bit of contention on this in the fact that our having a risk assessment processor implies that all they do is shuffle papers, which is true, but it also means we were shielded from any sort of liability in terms of public liability insurance that we provide for all of our societies.” Societies officer Courtney Lewis said to the meeting.  However, this obstacle was overcome when the building supervisor for the Student Union, Bruce Turner, approved the change.  The SSC and SRC passed the motion to rename the position “events officer.”

An emergency motion was seen by the SSC regarding the discipline subcommittee.  The discipline subcommittee is made up of five students: the director of events and services, the director of student development and activities, the head of Ents, and then two members of the SSC as elected.  This subcommittee decides how to punish students who break the rules of the union within the building, as well as hears appeals of statutory penalties (such as an underage student drinking in the union).  It meets as necessary and confidentially.  Fallon Sheffield, the LGBT officer, and Michael Thadani, the external funding officer, were elected.

For his second motion, Mr Palmer proposed that the SSC applaud the hard work of those at the Barron theatre and consider a maintenance grant for the building.  He said: “Mermaids is often seen as quite rich, but actually, we’re starting to see they can’t do what they want because of cash flow issues because they would have to spend so much money out and then back in… which means we have a theatre on north street which isn’t really up to standard.”

Citing the cost of every day operation as well as the cost of investing in the space, Daniel proposed that the SSC pass the motion, which would only suggest that Mermaids receive this grant.  The motion passed.


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