Rasputin’s Circus cancelled


The organisers of Rasputin’s Circus have announced via their Facebook page that the event, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow night, has been cancelled “due to issues out of [their] hands”.

Xan Wood, one of the organisers, said: “Sadly, the company we were getting public liability insurance from did not come through with the policy and it was too late notice to find a new one due to its specialist nature. We were, of course, unwilling to put students at risk so we will be back next year. [We are] sorry about this, I was extremely excited for the event”.

Though “public liability insurance” may sound complex to some (read: me), Xan explained that: “It’s just in case someone got hurt at the event.

“The Kinkell Byre has its own public liability insurance, but as an outside promoter selling tickets, I also needed to get it for the company.”

Regardless of the reason behind the event’s last minute postponement, there’s no doubt that there will be a lot of disappointed people this evening; the event, which has been held elsewhere in Scotland but is yet to make its St Andrews debut, had been heavily publicised.

However, the event’s Facebook page states that guests are being offered a full refund of the ticket price, along with a compensatory ticket for free entry into The Vic tomorrow night.

Ashton Squires, who was set to DJ the event, said he was “really disappointed that [he] couldn’t get to play”.

He continued: “From what I’ve heard, the lights and the sound system were going to be unreal! This kind of stuff happens though – can’t wait until next year when it’s back!”

In The Saint’s preview for Rasputin’s Circus, Xan said that the aim of the event was “to recreate the full nightclub experience in St Andrews”. But unfortunately, it looks like us St Andrews students will just have to wait a little while longer to finally experience what many students at other universities take for granted: a nightclub. And until then, I guess there’s always The Lizard…


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