On the Rocks preview: Strangeness and Charm


With On the Rocks just around the corner, we’ve been hearing from the festival’s organisers to get the lowdown on some of the many arts-related highlights that we can look forward to over the next couple of weeks. Here, Karolina Punovuori tells us what we can expect from Strangeness and Charm, an evening of jazz featuring the irrepressible Richard Ingham.

1. Strangeness and Charm witnesses the return of Richard Ingham to our town; for those unaware of this musical genius, could you tell us a little about him and his role in the ensemble for the performance?

Richard Ingham is the University’s retired Professor of Jazz and Composer in Residence; in this position he tutored various student musicians and was the leader of several ensembles. He is also the head of the World Saxophone Congress and continues to promote the jazz scene around Fife. For the OTR show, Richard is leading a band of local musicians with his characteristic charisma and talent. He will be playing saxophones, EWI (electronic saxophone) and penny-whistle.

2. You will be performing fresh from the Fife Jazz Music festival, are you big supporters of the arts festival scene?

JazzWorks aims to serve as a platform for all jazz musicians in St Andrews, regardless of age, background or affiliation with the University. We welcome all musicians and promote as many of their endeavours as possible, while supporting the local jazz scene in any way we can. We are very keen on enlarging the scope of the St Andrews arts scene, especially to encompass a more diverse range of musical talent.

3. At what point did ensemble ‘Time Changes’ come together and what are your influences?

‘Time Changes’ is an ensemble led by our very own jam session drummer, Greg Irons. A graduate of Madras College, Greg has been very involved with the St Andrews jazz scene for several years, and is now making use of his connections within the Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra to bring together a group of young and talented musicians to support our show.

Strangeness and Charm will take place in Venue 2 at 9pm on Tuesday 8 April. Tickets are £4.


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