On the Rocks: Music is Love’s Spring Fling



Music Is Love continued its On The Rocks presence in a big way on Saturday night. Selling over 100 tickets, MIL’s Spring Fling took place at the beer bar of Venue 1 of the Union. The bar was transformed into a Mediterranean-style getaway courtesy of art from ArtSoc, and hosted Italian-themed artists through the night. The event has been met with rave reviews.

Spring Fling arranged for three separate and distinctive acts to play, including two postgraduate Italian folk artists, St Andrews’ favourite rock n’ roll band Ticho, and The Badwills, an Edinburgh-based, but native Italian collective that plays music in tarantella, pizzica and tammuriata styles.

Music Is Love Director Anna Merryfield described the event as featuring ‘a cramped, lively atmosphere’. Taking place in the beer bar and being busy from the onset, with many Italian students attending, the event was packed.

The Badwills went on around 10.30pm, and the dancing (which they provided constructive tutorials to learn) didn’t end until nearly 1am. Merryfield, reflecting on the success of the event, was delighted at how something ‘so niche was successful in St Andrews.’ She remarked: ‘everyone was going quite crazy and was dancing hilariously.’

First year Katharine Gemmell lauded the event, stating: ‘I thought that last night was actually brilliant. The fact that pretty much everyone got up to dance and didn’t [care] was pretty much everything that Music Is Love intends to be. It was an eclectic mix between Italian tutors, random locals and freshers. Everyone mixed and enjoyed themselves. An Italian tutor even said he loved it because it was just like ‘being back in Italy’. It was the weirdest night I’ve had in the Union, but one of the best.’

Based on the success of this ‘furious’ night of Italian musical styles, Music Is Love is looking to host a similar ‘carnival’ event in Freshers’ Week next term, so watch this space.

Music Is Love provided yet another excellent event this year at On The Rocks, bringing an interesting and unique going-out experience to St Andrews once again.


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