Oh Fay, you’ve Rourke-d my world: Fay Morrice and Leon O’Rourke to marry


It seems that it wasn’t just ballots being cast and leaflets being thrust into hands during election week. Fay Morrice, director of student development and activities-elect, and Leon O’Rourke, director of events and services-elect, two of the biggest (and funniest) names on campus, yesterday announced that they are engaged to be married.

The surprise news comes just under four weeks after their election to sabbatical positions.

Both Mr O’Rourke and Ms Morrice have been involved in comedy during their time at St Andrews and it was through the comedy panel show Bubble Bath, which Mr O’Rouke established, that they first met.

Ms Morrice explained that her memories of the first signs of romance were a little hazy because she had consumed seven pints, but their relationship blossomed during election week when they spent a lot of time together.

Talking exclusively to The Saint, Ms Morrice said: “Leon and I had always been pretty close but winning the election really brought us together. We’d sort of been seeing each other before election week but realising we’d be together in St Andrews for another year provided the spark that we needed.

“It was a bit of a whirlwind romance. He came to mine in Edinburgh during the break and things just kicked off. It was all a bit of fun at first but we realised if we wanted to work together, we needed to commit properly to each other. However we’re not planning on the actual ceremony any time soon!”

Mr O’Rourke added: “It’s just to show that we really like each other, to be honest.”

The proposal took place on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Mr O’Rourke followed the tradition of getting down on one knee when asking Ms Morrice to be his future wife, and she gladly accepted.

When asked whether they felt the pressure of their jobs and sharing an office might take a toll on their relationship, Mr O’Rourke responded: “I don’t think so. We’re not the first couple to both be sabbs and I doubt we’ll be the last – at least I hope not! In the office, we’ll try and keep things professional. I’m sure it won’t be an issue.”

The pair are keen to have the other sabbatical officers involved in the ceremony. Mr O’Rourke revealed that they had discussed asking Ondrej Hajda, director of representation-elect, to be their minister. But Ms Morrice was less keen on the idea. She said: “That was just something we said when we were drunk. It was a joke!”

The Saint wishes Fay and Leon the best of luck with their relationship and future marriage.

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