Luxury chocolate shop opens


Iain Burnett, an upmarket chocolate shop, has opened on South Street with a luxurious black and red interior and bars of chocolate selling for over £5.

The shop, only the second stand-alone branch in Scotland, describes itself on its website as an “artisan chocolatier” which is “on a constant micro-level search for excellence”.

The prices are high for a student town, however, with a box of 48 chocolates costing £63.95, and even a small sample of two for £3.25. But they are also offering a ‘Velvet Chocolate Shot’ to take away for just £2.50, which is exclusive to the St Andrews shop.

It is not entirely clear to whom they are trying to appeal; perhaps students treating themselves, or wealthy tourists on a golfing weekend.

Choosing to open their shop on South Street, which is fast becoming a foodie heaven (see the greengrocer, butcher, fishmonger, bakery, and two cheese shops) demonstrates, hopefully, that they will be able to thrive in St Andrews’ cutthroat food scene.


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