Class Gift’s bucket list shows how much St Andrews students have in common


The Class Gift committee this week released their St Andrews ‘bucket list’: fourteen things they say every graduating student should do before they leave university forever in 2014.  Some are easy (a cappella is pretty much unavoidable here) and some are more difficult (it kind of feels like Louise Richardson might be avoiding me).

Class Gift's St Andrews bucket list
There is still time to finish your St Andrews bucket list before the end of term.

The list shows how similar our university experiences are. Spending four years as a young adult in a small town in rural Fife means that we all have a lot more in common than we think.

Only in St Andrews does the entire student body frequent one late night food spot; all of life can be seen under Dervish’s fluorescent lighting. From Sinners victims nearly passing out in the corner to the last stragglers of the Debating Society’s social having a heated conversation by the counter. Every item captures something special about studying at St Andrews and is a reminder of how different life will be after we leave.

[pullquote]Spending four years as a young adult in a small town in rural Fife means that we all have a lot more in common than we think[/pullquote]

For us fourth years, it’s a scary time. We’re finally leaving the safety and comfort of education behind us and starting on our lives in the big wide world.

For the third years, these are the last few weeks you will have with the people who have known you from the very beginning, from your first day of Freshers’ Week. Next year you will be the oldest, crowding up the careers centre and moving in to the library.

Second years: your academic parents are leaving you to fend for yourselves. It will be up to you to adopt the next generation and find some grandchildren your parents can be proud of.

If you’re a fresher this is the first sign that you won’t always be the youngest people here. It’s no wonder that at this point in the semester everyone remembers how important it is to make the most of our time at St Andrews.

I am in the unhappy situation of having more than half of the items on the list unticked. That all important selfie with Hamish is proving to be pretty elusive and I fear I might have completely missed my chance to cheer on a university sports team. I need to get going!

It’s a cliche, but looking back I can’t believe how quickly the last four years have gone. Starting first year, it seemed like my time at university was stretching out ahead of me endlessly; I looked at the fourth years and thought ‘that will never be me’. Now I have the strange realisation I am one of them and that in less than 100 days, Louise is going to hit me on the head with a pair of trousers and I won’t be a student here any more.



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