A week in fast food


With exams on the horizon and notes sprawled across every flat surface in sight, the panic has begun to set in and the demand for food is approaching peak levels. Although you’ve just finished lunch and have re-opened your textbook, you already have a craving for something else.

Whether it is time for dinner, a quick bite or a midnight snack, food is a necessity and time is of the essence. Despite being a small town, St Andrews offers an abundance of fast food options representing a wide range of cuisines. In fact, you could try something new each day of the week. While probably a doctor’s nightmare, it makes a pretty delicious selection.

On a Sunday, I would recommend heading over to Dakota Grill to take advantage of their Albany Parker evening deal. In return for using the ‘password’ they post on their Facebook page, you will receive your choice of a burger, fries and a soft drink all for only £5.00. Using locally sourced meat and wonderfully tasty fries, it is a great place to start off your week without even feeling unhealthy. It’s a shame that the offer is only available on Sundays.

A Mexican Monday at Mexigo is next on the list. Their daily student deal comes in at £4.50, but is only valid between midday and four in the afternoon. But I think it’s a worthwhile stop for lunch. The deal consists of a tortilla basket, a choice of beef or vegetable chilli, beans, salsa, cheese and sour cream. The combination of the price and the quantity most certainly justifies the short walk out of the town centre.

Personally, I was not a fan of Domino’s appearance on Market Street, but I think the Two for Tuesday deal has earned itself a mention. By splitting the cost with a friend who has the ‘free’ pizza, the price will come in around £6.00 each, which is well worth the money considering that they offer free delivery. However, Domino’s needs such promotions if it is to provide any sort of value for money. It is easily the most expensive take away in town.

Britain’s favourite food is next on the list – Indian. St Andrews provides a particularly good choice for this type of cuisine. Jahangir, Balaka and Maisha all advertise similar student deals for £6.95. The latter is a personal favourite: Maisha matches quality with serious quantity. I have heard the proverb “I could eat a horse” redubbed “I could eat a Maisha” more than once around town. With a curry choice, rice, poppadom, naan bread and a starter included, it is definitely the remedy for a raging appetite.

Just across the street Dr Noodles provides a more oriental menu, though unlike Maisha, its portions are not exactly the epitome of value. Ignoring the pointless small-size tub, a regular portion of noodles with meat and vegetables will set you back £6.50. This is quite hard to stomach when you see that the Glass House and the Grill House both offer two-course meals for less – but then the noodles are fast, and popular.

Cromars fits the bill when looking to follow the British tradition of having fish and chips on a Friday. While it is no place for a bargain, at £6.95 for a fish supper, it has earned rave reviews for its good service and fresh, cooked-to-order fish.

The cuisine to conclude the week is Chinese. Although the obvious option would be the Oriental House in the centre of town, I recommend ordering from the Golden Pagoda in Leuchars. For similar prices, the food is better quality and worth the wait for delivery. It also makes a relatively inexpensive treat if you eat with friends.

So overall, St Andrews provides a wealth of fast food to help you power through exams. From Indian to Mexican, it has you covered at relatively little expense and there is something for every day of the week for the fast food junkie.The hardest part is not letting the decision distract you from your studies.



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