St Andrews Green Week launches

Photo: Green Week

Green Week, a collaboration between the Students’ Association, Transition St Andrews, local environmental groups and the University, will begin tomorrow and hopes to raise awareness amongst staff and students about how to protect and care for the environment.

Over 30 events will be held between 8 and 14 March. The week will feature a wide range of activities, from tree planting to ceilidhs, with support from societies and clubs across St Andrews. Students will also be given a chance to “grill an environmentalist” about the University’s role in saving the environment and what we can do to help.

Students’ Association environment and ethics officer Dominyka Urbonaite explained: “St Andrews Green Week is an annual week of events which celebrates all things green, sustainable and eco-friendly. It raises awareness of climate change and the environment through lots of fun activities. It informs people about practical local project and solutions which they can get involved with in order to make a low-carbon future a reality.

“Green Week is a first-time joint effort between the environment and ethics officer of the Students’ Association, Estates’ environment team and Transition University St Andrews. This year our focus was to make Green Week not only for societies who are green or eco-friendly only, but to anybody from students who do not know anything about sustainability in St Andrews to those who highly involved.

“Green Week, for me and the committee behind this, is to celebrate a number of environmental activities that societies, the Students’ Association and the University do day to day throughout the year – not only in Green Week.

“The most important message is that Green Week is not only for members of green societies; it is for everybody. It gives a chance to learn about sustainability in St Andrews and simply have fun. We don’t try to convince anybody to become a veggie but we want to acknowledge all the hard work done through the year, share it and celebrate.”

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