The ultimate game: Flatball in St Andrews


St Andrews’ Ultimate Frisbee Club has seen a year of sky high success so far and we’re really looking to keep the momentum going for the rest of second semester! After officially bringing the indoor season to a close by finishing in the top eight of Division II Nationals, Flatball has been slowly building up towards Outdoor Regionals and hopefully Division I Nationals! The Ultimate Club has always had a strong tradition of consistent high levels of new recruits and it is nice to be able to say that nothing has changed in that capacity. In fact, it could be argued that recruitment has gone better this year than any other in the past (at least for the three years that I’ve been a part of the team). The club also regularly takes part in tournaments across the country, with a trip to Nottingham being one of the highlights of the previous year which was one of the strongest in recent memory for the club.

With more technical trainings for beginners and veterans alike, there is less of a barrier to entry for those who have ever had even a slight interest in the sport! And for those who are not really interested in flying discs in any capacity, the good news is that the social side of things continues to be the ever unique combination of wild, chill, and loud all at the same time. Ranging so far from the infamous drinks-down tops-off joint social with MMA to the amazing Wolf of Wall (South?) Street social it’s looking like the parties just won’t stop!

Ultimate is the original student game, starting out in the United States back in the 1960s and has since gone on to become a global phenomenon , with there being some 5.1 million flatball players in the US alone by 2012. The rules of the game first conceived with the intention that the sportsmanship of the players involved, not the arbitrations of a referee. That still holds true and the game is very much played in the free flowing fashion which holds true to the spirit of the game, first enshrined in the hallowed halls of Columbia High School. Or so the legend tells us.

What is important to note, however, is that this isn’t any normal year when it comes to Regionals. This year, on8 and 9 March, the outdoor tournament will be held in St Andrews! Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, both in terms of general popularity and serious competitive opportunities, and so the Ultimate Club is really looking to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase what a great sport it is involved with! As such, we’ve got some great plans in development to impress not only the visiting teams, but the residents of St Andrews themselves! Expect to see a flurry of publicity and activity as the dates get closer as we start to get people excited to come watch the matches where we will be providing kegs on the sidelines in addition to the usual jokes and shenanigans the Ultimate players are known for (If you haven’t watched an Ultimate match in person before you’re really missing out).


To top it all off, we’re also going to be throwing a killer party at the Vic on the 9th. With all of the other Scottish universities Ultimate players in town as well as our supporters from the pitches in tow the place should be packed and the party raging! In short, this is one weekend you’re not going to want to miss! If any or all of this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to get more involved either as a player or a social member be sure to check our website here.


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