The top eight events in the Bubble


TED talk

If you fancy an intellectual turn of events to recover from the haze that was Refreshers’ Week, make your way to the Arts Lecture Theatre on 6 February to hear British author and TEDX fellow Karen Armstrong give a talk on ‘The Dynamics and Future of religion on the 21st century.’ This talk has the promise of turning you into the pseudo-intellectual you’ve always dreamed of being.

IR careers fayre

Aspiring diplomats and lawyers alike, come one come all to the international relations careers fayre on 7 February in the Arts Lecture Hall. You’ve got nothing to lose in perusing possible career paths while attempting to block out the impending doom of graduating with an arts degree.

Disney Bop

To let your inner child shine, head to the Union on 7 February for the Disney Bop and celebrate the weekend by dressing up as beloved characters from your childhood (or last Tuesday when you rewatched The Little Mermaid for the 12th time, no shame). Though you may have to be more a Mulan and less a Sleeping Beauty to get to the front of the line at the bar…


Beautiful people, trendy clothing, copious amount of drinking. I know, I know, how could that combination ever possibly be fun, but hear me out: it’s all for charity. So head out to the Union on 8 February and lend your support to charity and beautiful people, because goodness knows they need it.

Fine Food Fayre

Take a break from your student diet of cereal and Doritos (not always in the same bowl – we have standards) and stop by the Fine Food Fayre on 9 February in Younger Hall. Like moths to a flame, university students flock to the phenomenon known as free food. Top tip: the crepe and waffle vendor sold out early last year, so head there first.

TOG concert

Come out to the Buchanan on 12 February and support St Andrews’ The Other Guys, as they give their first performance after their US tour. If you’re lucky you may even get an autograph.

Bute Medics Ball

On Valentines Day head to the Bute Medical Society Ball at Kinkell Byre for fun, live music and the truly harrowing experience of witnessing the future doctors of the world in their glory days. I mean, we have to trust them, they’re medics.

Carnival Ball

On 22 February, make your way (gracefully) to the Carnival Ball, hosted by DanceSoc for a fun-filled, Venetianinspired night. For all those out there waiting for your chance at a masquerade ball, here it is, but just remember – we can still recognise you with a mask, so don’t do anything we wouldn’t. Tickets went on sale yesterday, so don’t delay!


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