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As the spring break approaches, the ever-enjoyable holiday initiates a period of self-imposed budgeting for many eager students ready to set off on a two-week adventure. While many chose to cut down on going out, shopping and late night Domino’s, others chose to save where they can by eating in.

To help fend off hungry students and sad meals of tinned beans and rice, The Saint has compiled a list of helpful cookbooks and blogs to keep you (and your stomach) happy.

Plenty, Yotam Ottolenghi

A cult classic amongst foodies and cooks alike, Ottolenghi’s inspira- tional sophomore cookbook Plenty is an obvious pick for healthy and easy meals. Known for its Middle Eastern recipes and European ad- aptations, Plenty is filled with ex- clusively vegetarian recipes.

Before balking at the stark lack of meat in the book, keep in mind that vegetables are far less expen- sive and more cost effective than cooking with meat, and have a longer shelf life than most produce. Highly recommended: avocado, quinoa and fava bean salad, spicy


Cooked, Michael Pollan

Moroccan carrot salad, and chick- pea, tomato and bread soup. Another favorite among food con- noisseurs globally, Cooked was pro- claimed by the Boston Globe as being “possibly life-altering”. Published this past spring, the book has be- come an instant hit and necessary read for all “breathing human beings”.

While filling his book with de- licious and easy to follow recipes, Pollan also examines the effect on the body of eating out from a corpo- rate level – exposing the indiscrimi- nant amount of fats, sugar and salt served to unsuspecting consumers daily. A professor by trade, Pollan brings a wide range of introspec- tion into the culture of eating out and reclaiming control over what we consume. Top recipes include the any veggie frittata, vegetable salad with salsa verde, and for the more ambitious cook, Pollan’s sour dough bread.

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist, Tim Federle

Those truly looking to save for the upcoming holiday can take the cheap route for nights out in play- ing bartender at home. In Tequila Mockingbird, you will find cheeky recipes to achieve Dutch courage and the ultimate buzz.


These are cocktails with a back- stories: each drink embodies tradi- tional works of literature, perfect for the posh English honours stu- dent. Feel like you aren’t well read? Each cocktail recipe includes a witty vignette detailing the history of the novel and its translation to drink form. Original mixes include Romeo and Julep, The Last of the Mojitos and Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margarita.

Blog roll: top places on the internet for the tech savvy chef

Smitten Kitchen

A love affair with food on your browser. Peruse Deb Perelman’s award-winning blog-cum-cookbook filled with everything from light and tasty salads to awe-inducing roast chickens. Note: all measurements are in US form.

London Bakes

For those who consider cakes to be a food group, this one is for you. A local baker chronicles the best brownie, cookie, scone and breakfast recipes known to man that are achievable in your very own kitchen. A balanced diet? We think so.

The Little Loaf

Another sweet-centric blog, The Little Loaf also expands into panoply of savoury dishes, with to- die-for recipes to recreate bruschetta, homemade tagliatelle, herbed hummus and garlic prawns.


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