Editorial: Sexism


This issue we are disappointed to find ourselves returning to another of St Andrews’ pervasive problems: sexism. What goes on at events such as RAG Week’s Mr St Andrews should worry everyone, not just the girls from AU clubs who are being pressured into acting as stripper poles on a stage.

In October 2012 we polled students and found that 68 per cent thought that sexism was prevalent in St Andrews. Worse still, 54 per cent said they knew someone who had been objectified in a sexist way.

Clearly, little has changed. Anyone reading our articles today will find the situation simply unacceptable. Yet these events – and these attitudes – continue, tacitly sanctioned by the University, the Union and the student body itself.

More can and must be done. The Association could spend less time trying to ban Blurred Lines and more cleaning up its own events. The University sent a strong message years ago when it disavowed the KKC, yet it doesn’t publicly condemn blatant examples of sexism like Mr St Andrews.

It’s hypocritical and it needs to stop.


  1. I’m sure you’re all aware that the Association’s motion to ban Blurred Lines was rejected rather promptly, and that no one forces the girls from the AU to take part, it’s entirely voluntary.

    Anyone who is uncomfortable being undressed on stage does not have to do it; any ‘incident’ is extremely unfortunate, and certainly not sanctioned by anyone.

  2. Another poorly written and fact-less article intended to create an “issue” which doesnt exist in the first place…context is the key word here!
    Nothing is ever BLACK and WHITE like the Saint seems to paint itself with every article…maybe that should be the new name for the Saint….”BLACK and WHITE St Andrews”
    Tagline: we don’t understand any other shade of colour in between…

  3. The male contestants have always been pressured to strip on stage as part of Mr St Andrews. Strange that the Saint has never called for action on that. When women are asked to do the same, it’s ‘sexist’, but when it’s men it’s ‘just harmless fun’. Sounds like double standards to me.

  4. “Anyone reading our articles today will find the situation simply unacceptable.”

    That’s a pretty sweeping statement… Unless you mean to say that we all find it unacceptable that anyone reads your articles.


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