Disney Bop


… and though usually seven dwarves would be a good turn-out for the Bop, Friday’s Disney Bop was packed. 

You may ask why, but to me the answer is obvious: everybody loves Disney. Whether you admit it freely (like myself), ‘ironically’ or secretly, nobody ever grows out of Walt Disney’s fantastical parade of characters.

Some made a valiant effort to sport Disney attire. The best outfits included a drunken Woody and a swaying Simba; lesser attempts were a female Gaston and a slightly staggering princess. Many opted for the standard Minnie Mouse ears and I can include myself in that highly original majority. Most, however, simply turned up looking like extras from a Disney Channel original movie.

More costumes might have been nice, but it didn’t really matter. Venue 1 was packed, the business making for an atmosphere of revelry rarely seen at Union events. Fuelled by the slashed prices of drinks at the bar and Rewind-style music, spirits were flowing and running high.

My major complaint though, is the distinct lack of Disney music. They cranked out a few tunes, but mostly the singing ‘toons were set aside. Horrendously disappointing for a Disney fanatic like myself; swapping the filler beats for Hakuna Matata would have cranked this night up to A Whole New World.

There was some compensation, with other childhood cheese like S Club making a solid appearance. I firmly believe that when Busted comes on, everyone between the ages of15 and 25 must immediately stop and sing and dance – that should be law.

In any case, despite some bizarre choices – you don’t fully understand how truly awful Barbie Girl is when you’re five – people were dancing, singing and laughing. And isn’t that what it’s about?

Focusing on the Disney theme, there was an admirable if somewhat lacklustre attempt to decorate with posters of beloved characters. A projector screened a constant reel of clips, keeping the more sober amongst the crowd entertained with a game of ‘guess that movie’.

And I have to hand it to the organisers; they really know how to work the full powers of the simple, underrated balloon. Not only for decoration, balloons were dropped onto the dancing crowd, with the genius invention of what looked like a massive-balloon-filled-with-other-balloons leading to a ludicrously intense game of keepy-uppy.

As part of Rag Week, boppers could party assured that it was all for a good cause. The money raised will go to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers, Macmillian Cancer Support and Doctors Without Borders. A great night for an even better cause.

So though we may be students and supposedly mature and nearly grown-ups, the moral of this tale is that we are simply big kids and easily pleased:  just give us balloons and Disney!

Photo: Students’ Association


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