Updated: Chloe Hill withdraws nomination for Association president


Update at 4 pm: Ms Hill has withdrawn her nomination.

In a statement on Facebook she said: “As much as I would like to continue working for the Students’ Association, I have withdrawn my nomination for Students’ Association president. I put in the nomination this afternoon for two reasons:

“Firstly, to draw attention to the lack of female sabbatical candidates in this year’s elections. I love the democratic process, and want every student to feel they can participate. The lack of female candidates, despite this university having a greater percentage of female students, makes me worry that they don’t feel they can participate. That it is ‘a man’s game’.

“Secondly, I nominated on the spur of the moment to show that it is possible to make the decision this week! Every student has something to offer the Students’ Association, and I would love that those students who are not sure, or have not considered it yet, do so.”

Chloe Hill, the current president of the Students’ Association, has put her name forward to run again for the position.

Her candidacy was announced on the St Andrews elections Twitter feed at 1 pm on Wednesday. Nominations for sabbatical positions close at 5 pm.

Last year Ms Hill won election by narrowly beating Jamie Ross, with just 174 votes separating them in the fourth round of voting. She had also previously stood for election in March 2012, when she finished a close second to Freddie Fforde after six rounds of voting.

The last Association president to serve two terms was Andrew Keenan, from 2008-10. Mr Keenan also served as editor of The Saint in 2007.

You can follow all the latest elections news, analysis and guides from The Saint‘s elections hub.


  1. Chloe’s done so much for students this year 🙂 fee cuts, better bursaries etc. can’t wait to see her blow the competition out the water 🙂

  2. Would absolutely vote for her again, she’s fantastic! With a year of experience under her belt, she’ll be even less cautious and things will get done a lot better and faster. This really is great news!

  3. Surely this is equivalent to The Saint campaigning for Ms Hill before campaigning has started. I see no front-page stories on the other candidates.

  4. Faintly bizarre step from Ms Hill to nominate herself and then withdraw that nomination. Her cant fulminations regarding gender equality seem more like a PR smokescreen for caprice and indecision.


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