Union drink prices slashed in temporary building site bar



Drink prices have been cut in the Union building site bar – the temporary space that will be used while the main bar undergoes redevelopment.

Starting this Saturday, a pint of Tennent’s will now cost £1.99 (down from £2.40), messy bombs will drop to £1 and bottles of Becks, Stella and VS are down to £1.50.

Daniel Palmer, the Union’s director of events and services, explained the reason for the price drop. He said: “We still want to offer a great night out at the Union, but we realise there are certain challenges to that given we’re in the middle of a building site. While we’re really excited with Blackwells re-opening next week, our new coffee shop in the spring and new bars in the summer, we realise there is a lot of disruption for our current customers – which is why we want to say thank you.

“We thought the best way to do that was with new, cheaper drinks prices.  No other prices have gone up to mask this, it’s a genuine price drop to thank you for your patience while we undergo the redevelopment.”

Phase two of the £12 million redevelopment of the Students’ Association building got underway in December, as the main bar was shut to make way for two new bar spaces –  a traditional pub called Sandy’s (named after the current bar manager) and a more modern version of the existing bar.  The space will not be re-opened until September of this year. The beer bar in Venue 1 has been extended to offer a wider range of drinks and a temporary space for students to use.

Mr Palmer said: “Our main bar has closed, meaning we’ve opened our construction-themed building site bar in Venue 1. It offers the same range of spirits, cocktails and shots and we’ve expanded that bar so it offers four draught beers and ciders. But we still want to continue our entertainment line-up, so please bear with us if that that bar will only be open for an event, or will open slightly later after a  play. You’ll be able to follow opening hours on our website and on a blackboard outside. We’re going to do everything we can so it makes most sense to students, and especially during the first two weeks busy with so many events, we’ll be opening Venue 2 as an extra bar (with sofas and the new glazing with a great view down Market Street) as well.”

The new prices and bar will be an important part of the next two weeks for many students as a fortnight of events kicks off this Saturday. Refreshers week will see a range of events including laser tag, rodeo nights, an ABBA performance at Rewind and the return of Clan Warfare. This will be followed by RAG (Raising and Giving) week in the second week of the semester.



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