Kinburn park lit up again as petition gains over 1,200 signatures

Photo: Elliot Davies
Photo: Elliot Davies
Photo: Elliot Davies

The lights in Kinburn park have been turned on by Fife Council as a petition on the issue secured over 1,200 signatures.

The petition began last week over fears that the route posed a “real danger” to those walking through the park late at night. The path is used by many students going between the town centre and the North Haugh, University Hall, DRA, Andrew Melville hall and Agnes Blackadder hall. Although there are street lights along the walkway, they had been turned off in recent months. The route is often icy and dark and the organisers of the petition felt that this put students in a “dangerous and uncomfortable position.”

The petition explained: “Most other routes to return to residences are deserted during the evening and after late classes and evening events I often find myself having to choose between walking alone along a lit, but deserted road, or through Kinburn Park which is likely to have other students on the path, but which is pitch black. This is not a pleasant choice to have to make for any student.”

The issue was extremely popular, with the petition achieving over 1,200 signatures since it was started last week. It seems councillors were already aware of the problem, however, as the lights were turned back on before the petition could be sent.

Rebekah Dawes, who organised the petition, said: “No one’s sure if the Council saw our petition and acted on it or if we sped up plans they already had, but either way the park’s lit now and a lot of people are going to feel much safer. I’m surprised action was taken so fast and I’d like to thank everyone who signed the petition for their support.”

Chloe Hill, president of the Students’ Association, said: ‘We are pleased that a student took the initiative and that so many people supported her, and of course we are pleased that the problem has been resolved.”


  1. An issue that got blown out of proportion. Fife council may simply not have been aware that there was a fault- and all that was needed was a phone call!!

    • I heard that Student Services had already been pressuring the Council about the issue for some time, so they must have been aware of it. 🙂


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