Nobel Ball


This weekend saw three balls, but out of all them Nobel Ball was by far the craziest and perhaps most the alcoholically induced.  The best part of the night was that it had a bit of everything. While most events in St Andrews tend to either be relatively tame and facilitate conversation or drunken revelries with everyone dancing, Nobel Ball was able to offer the best of both worlds.

The evening began with a champagne reception at the Scores Hotel. The reception was held for the first hour and provided an opportunity to meet new people and talk with friends. While I enjoy dancing and loud music, I find that having different portions to an evening is often highly underrated, so when a ball provides this opportunity my appreciation of the event goes up.

After an hour, people began sitting down at tables. Each person was guaranteed half a bottle of wine and Fisk. The tables were arranged so that most people knew at least one person there but allowed you to get know other people. The dinner was delicious and included prawn and mango salad, supreme of chicken, and concluded with raspberry cheesecake.  In between courses we also got to enjoy three well-written and highly entertaining speeches about the advantages of being Scandinavian.

By the time the second course arrived most people were drunk or at least highly tipsy. By the time desert finally came around most people were moving to different tables or wanted to dance.

The night seemed to take a bit of a pause when the tables were being cleared and the room was being set up for dancing. The problem was that people were asked to leave the main room and crowded into the smaller reception area. Despite this, the dancing ended up being worth the wait. As someone who tends to be picky about music at balls, especially regarding student DJs, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ultimately this event proved to be one of the best nights in St Andrews and has to be experienced at least once during your time at university.


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