Last orders for Union main bar as redevelopment begins


union bar closingThe current Union main bar will close on 20 December as phase two of redevelopment gets underway.

The bar will be converted into two spaces in the new building: a traditional pub called Sandy’s (named after the current bar manager) will open in the current games room space at the back on the main bar, and the remaining space will become a more modern version of the existing bar. The work is scheduled to be completed by August 2014.

During the work, an alternative space will be available in Venue 1 and both Venue 1 and 2 will remain open. It is also hoped that phase one of the development – the shop and cafe at the front of the building – will be completed midway through next semester.

Director of events and services Daniel Palmer explained: “This is sad for many students who have memories of [the main bar] as the end of that great night out, the centre of Sinners, or from meeting up during the day.

“For second semester, you can still enjoy a night out at the Union – we’re creating an alternative bar space in Venue 1. The existing beer bar on the side of the venue is being repainted, we’re adjusting the heating to keep it warmer, adding screens for showing sport, expanding the drinks range and moving the sofas and pool tables in. It won’t be the full space of Venue 1, so we really encourage you to come in and try it. This will be open as a normal bar whenever this isn’t an event, and will serve events – like the upcoming Refreshers and RAG lineup – on those nights.

“As the main bar celebrates its last Christmas, come in for one last drink before it’s gone.”


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