Boat Club Reports: Glasgow Four Heads Race


On November 9th the UStABC crews traveled to Glasgow where they competed in the 4 km Glasgow Fours Head Race.  The typically Scottish November weather was windy and a bit rainy while they prepped for the race but the clouds parted and the sun shone once the race started.


The Senior Women’s first IV was coxed by Shelby Yvon who, an expert at lining up for head races, prepared them for a competitive race.  Once the race was under way, the powerful and coordinated start set the women in a strategic position on the course where they were closely pursued by an Aberdeen boat.  Aberdeen walked up on St Andrews by about a boat length but they managed to then hold them off for the remainder of the race and denied them from passing.  The race came to a halt for the St Andrews women when a novice Strathclyde University boat cut across the course in front of St Andrews.  Yvon called for the crew to hold water for a moment to avoid collision.  UStABC kept advancing throughout the remainder of the course but were stalled due to other boats refusing to let them pass.  Yvon kept the focus of the crew by calling for moves at opportune moments and overall guiding the women through a tough race.  They concluded the day with a time of 16 minutes and 2 seconds, which landed them in 4th place.


The Men’s 2nd IV, coxed by Claire Herrin, started strong with a high stroke rate that propelled them ahead of their competitors and pushed them into the first straight.  They then quickly settled into a rhythm and passed the Clyde ARC crew easily within the first kilm.  They displayed sound technique with a fairly low rating (approximately 26 strokes per minute) and the strokes were long and strong with clean catches.  An Edinburgh University boat started to advance towards the men on the second to last corner of the race course, but they managed to keep level for a stretch of the course until they eventually pushed past St Andrews (Edinburgh was the winning boat in the category).  St Andrews didn’t stop there and they approached and overtook the Aberdeen University and Clydesdale composite boat on the last corner, where UStABC started to sprint.  Herrin coxed an excellent line throughout the course of the race, keeping the crew close to bends and confidently passed other teams. The men placed 6th in their division with a time of 14 minutes and 43 seconds.


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