600th Finale Ball


They promised us a night to remember. We got one.

This was my first St Andrews ball, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. What I got, however, was a truly great night full of excitement, sophistication and flashing wristbands.

The ball, marking the finale of the University’s 600th anniversary, was held on Lower College Lawn, where 1,600 students gathered for a night of celebrating. It started with us making our way through Sallies Quad, being welcomed in by a Scottish piper in full traditional dress, before being given new, clunky wristbands, the reason for which we were promised would be made clear to us later in the evening. As we entered the marquee, there was the usual champagne reception, and we were some of the lucky first 600 guests who managed to snag a free Bibi’s cupcake, which was a nice treat!

The champagne and cupcakes weren’t the only free goodies, with free samples of Vladivar vodka being given out after half past ten. The event bars were also great, with three different ones to choose from, short waiting times and fairly reasonable prices.


The entertainment was excellent, with The Other Guys serenading guests as they entered and a variety of DJs and acts taking to the main stage. There was a mix of dance music and retro throwbacks, meaning there was generally something for everyone. The highlight of the night however was during Wonderwall, when everyone’s mysterious chunky wristbands lit up and flashed in unison, creating a fun, if slightly epileptic, atmosphere.

All in all, the night was a huge success. The whole event was well planned and effortlessly executed, and was a perfectly fitting end to the 600th celebrations.

Check out Kathryn Jones’ photos of the night.


  1. “They promised us a night to remember. We got one.” This is the most trite, overused phrase that appears in every single events review in the Saint. Please learn to write better articles, or don’t try at all.


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