What to wear: House of Horror charity gala


According to pagan tradition, Halloween is the day when boundaries between the supernatural realm and the living world are at their thinnest – giving rise to the tradition of dressing up in supernatural garb.

In St Andrews, the only place to see and be seen in this Halloween is down at Kinkell Byre for the House of Horror charity gala night. According to the co-managers of the spooky event, Craig and Seidl, “all of the night’s surprises are starting to take shape!” When asked for their top Halloween style tips they explained that “because it’s the first large Halloween event St Andrews has seen, we’re very excited to see the students’ different aspects of creativity. The best styling tips we can give are to plan ahead, think outside the box – Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary, a sense of humour can get you just as many points! Also, remember small things can go a long way, some scissors, old clothes and a bit of creativity will set you on the right path for an amazing costume!”

With regard to a Halloween party outfit, listing ideas here would no doubt lead to multiple costume mayhem! A note though: store-bought costumes are not only expensive, but they often lack quality; you also run the risk of another student wearing the same dire costume.

Besides the physical costume itself, there are many other components to perfect your Halloween look. Hair, makeup and nails can make or break a costume. Depending on the costume, however, ratty-looking hair could actually suit the look, akin to Lindsay Lohan’s corpse bride in Mean Girls. Feel free to be experimental beyond the ragged look: any colour, shape or form can be created with vibrant wigs, hair chalks and putty. Luckily, these hair products are relatively non-committal; Urban Outfitters’ hair gel and Topshop’s Hair Pastels are among the best options.

To complete the perfect Halloween look, makeup allows you to truly get into character. The power of Halloween makeup works wonderfully on both males and females. For House of Horror, however, simply using white face paint and fake blood won’t cut it. Picture-perfect skulls to comic strip characters allow endless possibilities with makeup.

My last top costume makeup tip would be to not neglect nails. Nail art has been a runway staple for many seasons and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon. Creepy talons can elevate a costume to a superior level over the countless number of non-polished witches you will no doubt come cross. Luckily, finding nail art kits is easy, even in St Andrews! Superdrug and Boots both have products for funky nail textures, including: suede, glitter, matt and gloss. While nailbrushes are better left to the artistically inclined, nail stencils allow anyone to indulge in creating haunted works of art.


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