Up, up and away: student trampolining



When someone says the word “tram­poline”, the first thought that comes to mind for many is that of your bog standard garden trampoline, not of an Olympic sport. But this is what trampo­lining has recently become; think gym­nastics in the air, with an equal amount of leotards.

Scottish Student Sport (SSS) is now catering for an ever-increasing number of trampoline participants, and as com­petitions are entirely student run this means competitions are getting bigger and better.

There are 4 SSS trampoline league competitions throughout the year, one of which is also attended by clubs from the rest of the UK. Last year saw Edinburgh take the first place in the Scottish league. The upcoming com­petition on 26 October will herald the first of the closed competitions, held in St Andrews. This will also be the first time that St Andrews has hosted an SSS trampoline competition in some years – another testament to the rise of the sport. There are already over 140 entries from Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Dundee College, Stirling, Strathclyde, Robert Gordon, and of course St Andrews. Students (both new and experienced) will compete in categories ranging from novice through to elite, each aspiring to win medals and points for their estab­lishment. Judges mark competitors on a series of moves such as somersaults and twists. Difficulty of moves and ex­ecution during short routines affect this marking.

As previously mentioned, the pop­ularity of the sport both within and outwith the student circuit has been excellent, and it is this that led to the expansion from Scottish University Sport to Scottish Student Sport in or­der to include colleges into the league a few years ago. This year will be the first year that Dundee College (a relatively new club) will have submitted officials (judges and competition marshals), and it is the hope that other institutions will be encouraged to introduce trampolin­ing to their student bodies.

Emily Short, competition develop­ment coordinator for SSS Trampolining, is understandably excited about the forthcoming academic year. “This is the first year that Scottish Student Trampolining has run with a full com­mittee, which is a huge step in the development of the sport. We hope to carry on the excellent job of last year’s organisers by ensuring that the league is a success and continuing to move student trampolining forward. We are thoroughly looking forward to the first league competition and are delighted that it is being hosted by St Andrews this year, which will mean that clubs throughout Scotland will be travelling to the east coast for the first time since 2007!”

So get down to St Leonard’s Road on 26 October from 10 am to enjoy a day of dizzying heights, twists, turns and entertainment. If you’ve ever told your mate to “do a twisty flip” on your trampoline at home, now’s the time to come and see what one actually looks like! And who knows, maybe trampo­lining is the sport for you!


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