This House Believes Millennials Will Be Less Successful Than Their Parents


The Union Debating Society’s most re­cent public debate on the motion, “This House Believes Millennials Will Be Less Successful Than Their Parents”, was an exciting night of expert speak­ers and insightful speeches.

Sponsored by Accenture, the de­bate featured journalists, a researcher and even a UDS alumna in a night debating the youngest generation’s future prospects. Arguing the case for the proposition were Shiv Malik and David Kingman. On the opposition were Daniel Knowles and Jess Siegel.

Suggesting that the millennial generation is fated to be indebted to debt forever, Shiv Malik is a journalist for the Guardian and the co-author of the book Jilted Generation: How Britain Has Bankrupted Its Youth. Expanding on Malik’s points, David Kingman, a researcher at the Intergenerational Foundation, gave factual evidence to prove Millennials are unfortunately worse off.

Speaking first for the opposition was Daniel Knowles, Britain cor­respondent for the Economist. He has previously worked for the Daily Telegraph, Spectator, and City AM. Knowles argued that the Millennials are already better off in terms of hu­manity and technology than their parents’ generation. His partner in opposition, Jess Siegel, established that success is entirely dependent on one’s personal definition and that happiness is subjective. Siegel is a St Andrews alumna, former UDS presi­dent and consultant at Accenture.

The debate proved to be quite lively, with speakers debating with amicable competitive spirit. The au­dience was drawn in by the speak­ers, who were actively engaging with one another as well as the audience. After Jess Siegel concluded the op­position’s case and the formal debate, the floor was opened for members of the audience to give their views. After a rousing round of floor speeches, cul­minating in the port-winning speech by first year Alasdair Scott, the motion was called to a vote. With 11 voting in favour of the motion, 42 against and 7 abstentions, the motion fell.

On Thursday 25 October the mo­tion will be “This House Believes Intelligence Poses a Threat to Liberty.” Doors open 19:30.


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