Sabb diary: SRC motions and Union events


From the sabbs

In the first SRC of this year we passed three motions that are the first steps in our plan this year of making the Students’ Association more accessible to all students.

In the weeks after we were elected, the four of us spent many late nights in a study room in the library trying to finish our dissertations. Honestly though, we spent most of those late nights discussing what we wanted to achieve this year and it became clear that, in part, we all had a similar agenda: to make the Students’ Association – your Union – more accessible to students.

For Daniel this meant making events much more varied to cater for different tastes and interests. For Kelsey this meant improving the societies’ training by getting societies to think about accessibility needs, whether it be always providing a non-alcoholic drink option or being mindful of people who don’t speak up but might want to contribute to debate.

The motions passed last Tuesday go some way towards our team’s belief in accessibility:

  • A Motion to Adopt a Trans* and Intersex Bathroom Policy – allowing Trans* students to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify, and efforts to include gender-neutral bathrooms in the redeveloped building, so they feel comfortable in their Union.
  • A Motion to Have the Students’ Association Sign the ‘see me Scotland Pledge’ to End the Stigma on Mental Ill-Health – the first step in Teddy’s big campaign on mental health; the issues, ways of looking after one’s health and the stigma around mental ill-health.
  • A Motion Regarding a Zero Tolerance on Harassment in the Students’ Association – a policy that defines harassment, and explains to students that they do not have to put up with harassment as a part of their nights out and that the Students’ Association will not tolerate it within our building, because our buildings are meant for all students to enjoy.

It all sounds like serious stuff, but it’s important that we think about the serious stuff to make sure the Union is a welcoming place for all its members – you.

From Daniel Palmer, DoES

Saturday nights are now very different at the Union. Events aren’t as repetitive so we can entertain as many students as possible. Our student body is incredibly diverse, and we can’t assume they all want the same thing. It makes my job very difficult, but also more rewarding. It’s fairly unique that our Union’s events are student-managed so I want to retain that student focus. That’s why I’ve tried to put on something on for everyone, so far featuring comedy, a cappella, laser tag, ceilidhs and crazy golf, as well as numerous varied dance nights.

The concept is best explained with our Saturday cycle, which runs through four monthly events. The first is Rewind, a cheesy night of 90s music and guilty pleasures, as showcased in Freshers’. We all know someone who is secretly listening to these classics in the library, so, once a month, this one’s just to go out there and enjoy.

The second are special events, such as week 1’s Silent Disco and week 5’s Roller Disco. These popular club concepts mix up our nights, so keep your eye out! Live music is third in the cycle. Now with a proper home in our entertainment schedule it includes events such as Music is Love’s fantastic Electro night last week. Last but not least is our night by Ministry of Sound – Unitrash – bringing up a Ministry DJ for an epic night from the real experts. It’s going to be a great night and starts this Saturday.

If Saturday nights aren’t for you, we have free live music every Monday at 1pm in the main Union bar, from Coffee House Sessions – bringing live music to St Andrews for you to enjoy over a coffee or your emails, so come and try it!


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