Coffee for cause


A group of seven management students are getting ready for the launch of their charitable business initiative, scheduled for 28 October. These students have set about creat­ing a brand new scheme that could use local business to improve local lives.

 They came up with the idea of a ‘Community Café’, which they hope will appeal to both students and lo­cals in an attempt to bridge any divi­sions within the town, while boost­ing revenue in local cafes and their chosen charity, Families First.

The students are working in partnership with the local coffee shops Taste, Con Panna and Cottage Kitchen who have agreed to give 10 per cent of their revenue from a specific drink to the Families First charity. Although at the time of writ­ing the specific drinks are subject to change, Con Panna has agreed to use its exclusive mint hot choco­late as its charity-focused beverage, while Cottage Kitchen will be pro­viding its special tea. Taste is yet to announce its chosen drink.

The group told The Saint that a ‘Community Café’ Facebook page would be released in the coming days and encouraged students and locals to keep checking the page for updates and information. Families First is a charity based in St Andrews that was set up in 2001 to provide support to struggling families with children aged between five and 16 in St Andrews and north­ern Fife. The students hope to raise up to £300 during the course of the two-week project. This money will be imperative in maintaining the invaluable work offered by the char­ity, helping to facilitate activities such as the ‘breakfast club’, holiday activities and support for parents.

The project, which has been dubbed by the student group as the ‘Café Craze’, will take place from 28 October until 14 November 2013, and a Just Giving page has been set up to keep track of how much has been raised. It is hoped that the scheme will not only help raise money and awareness for Families First but will also boost revenue for the local coffee shops taking part in the scheme.

In return for a share of the prof­its, the students have promised the coffee shops a major marketing cam­paign using social media, posters and face-to-face talks with students and locals, encouraging them to buy these special drinks from the three participating cafés in the knowledge that 10 per cent of the prices of these drinks will be going back to help and support those families in the lo­cal community who need it most.


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