BlackRock Day


The St Andrews Investment Society (InvestSoc) is hosting BlackRock Day this Wednesday, 16 October. BlackRock is the biggest company you’ve never heard of; the company manages about $3.8 trillion of their clients’ money, making it the world’s largest asset manager. It invests in every asset class imaginable. It also has a huge financial systems arm, BlackRock Solutions, whose financial technology has played a central role in a lot of the big economic stories of the last five years: from the bailout of AIG to the Eurozone crisis. Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, was called ‘the most powerful man in the post-bailout economy’ by Vanity Fair.

The day is split into three key events: a lunchtime applications masterclass, one-to-one coffee chats in the afternoon, and finally, in the evening, a presentation. While the first two events are already fully booked, the evening presentation is still open to everyone and will provide you with the chance to learn more about the firm, its role in the economy and their various career opportunities. This could be a great opportunity to start thinking about a future career in asset management or financial technology.

So mark your diaries!


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