This House Would Live Fast and Die Young


Welcome to our newest column, “This House Believes…” If you missed the lively weekly exchanges from the Union Debating Society (UDS) or are keen to find out what’s on next week then is the place for you!

With the summer break over, The Union Debating Society held its first public debate of the year on the Wednesday of Freshers’ Week to debate the rather apt motion “This House Would Live Fast and Die Young.”

Held in Lower Parliament Hall, the debate was a sell-out success, reaching full capacity within the first ten minutes of opening doors.

The debate featured six engaging and hilarious speakers, guaranteeing a night of banter and wit. Arguing in favour of a fast and furious lifestyle, Dr Chris Hooley of the School of Physics and Astronomy joined forces with veteran debaters and Board of Ten members Parker Burns and Alex Don. Citing the brillance – and welltimed deaths – of famous figures such as Alexander the Great and Kurt Cobain, the proposition insisted that the legacies of these men are still remembered in part because of their early demises. Ultimately, however, they failed to convince the house that it was better to throw off the shackles of conformity and go out in a flaming whirlwind of jetskis and cocaine than to live to grow old so your family feel uncomfortable looking at you.

Speaking for the opposition were director of student services Dr Christine Lusk, Dr Stan Frankland of the Social Anthropology department, and student debater and UDS social secretary Alyssa Muzyk. Insisting that life does not get any worse with age, the opposition encouraged the house to consider living older to reach its full potential. Their well-worded arguments that it was possible to live fast but grow old and never miss an opportunity resonated best with the house and kicked off what promises to be an exciting semester.

Following the speakers, rector Alistair Moffat gave a special floor speech, encouraging everyone to “live fast and die old.”

The next debate will be on the motion “This House Believes Britain should abolish its Nuclear Weapons”.

Photo Credit: Jessica Biggs for Lightbox


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