Full freshers’ week line-up revealed


The full list of Union events for freshers’ week has now been announced.

Saturday 7 September

Welcome to the Bubble will kickstart the week with the biggest summer anthems and a very large bubble machine.

Sunday 8

On Sunday, Clan Warfare will see hall versus hall as teams do battle in a series of fun challenges.

Monday 9

Comedian Daniel Sloss will be performing off the back of another successful Fringe show.

Tuesday 10

Jameela Jamil, host of the Official Chart show on Radio 1, will bring her DJ set to Venue 1.

Wednesday 11

First, a freshers’ ceilidh with live music from the Kilrymont Ceilidh Band will teach you how to ceilidh – an essential skill for St Andrews students.

Later on, Sinners Sport will present The Games, with guest DJs Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont and StarOne.

Thursday 12

On Thursday, fresh from T in the Park, the Lafontaines will be playing a live set with support from Fatherson.

Friday 13

The relaunch of the Bop will round off Friday night as this St Andrews institution leaves behind its cheesy reputation in favour of chart hits – but there will still be lots of balloons.

(If you don’t fancy that, come along to The New Saint at The Old Course – the first black-tie event of the year and a great chance to enjoy an evening at St Andrews’ finest five-star venue.)

Saturday 14

In the Union, Rewind with S Club Party (featuring Bradley and Paul) will deliver the week’s dose of cheesy music.

Meanwhile, the Starfields music festival will see FS 2014 launch in style, with music from The View, King Charles and Tom Staar.

Sunday 15

Finally, Sunday will allow you to sit back and enjoy an a cappella concert with some of St Andrews’ finest groups, including The Other Guys, the Alleycats and the Accidentals.

“Something for everyone”

Daniel Palmer, the Student Association’s Director of Events and Services, said:

“For this year’s freshers’ week, I’ve remained focused on what it is that freshers want. They all want to enjoy the week and meet new people, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. They’re all from different places and like different things – which is fantastic. So this year, I’ve worked to make sure that freshers’ week is as varied as possible. The Bop is devoted to chart music, Sinners is heavier dance and Rewind is over on the other end of the spectrum: cheesy and fun. If you aren’t into dance, we have a great name in Daniel Sloss for comedy, we’ve brought back the ceilidh and the week ends on a far more chilled note with the a cappella concert. All of that is rounded off with our collaboration with FS to bring you Starfields, a completely different experience on top of everything else.

“No night is the same, so there is something for everyone. Freshers’ Passes have sold out in record time this year, but freshers is about more than that. There are over 100 society events, halls are working so hard to welcome everyone, and there are friends to be made. If it’s by day or night, I hope that everyone makes the most of their week but realises not to panic if they don’t get to absolutely everything – as the dynamic event lineup and activities which the Students’ Association offers will continue along the same lines all year.”


  1. Just over 50 years ago I ran the then equivalent of freshers’ week at that time organized by the Students’ Representative Council. Things have changed and today’s freshers will enjoy a much longer and more exciting event. One of my main memories is running an election to the SRC for a first year student. Before each candidate spoke I had to say “the next candidate is ….” using only the candidate’s surname. If I had looked at the list of candidates more closely I would have seen that one of them was (Alistair) Balls and would have used first and last names. Amazingly there was not even a titter in the audience when I had to say “the next candidate is Balls”. I wonder what would happen these days!

    Another memory from the previous year is standing on Victoria Station to greet overseas students sponsored by the British Council arriving by train. Instead of waving a placard I simply wore a red gown. Very effective! I got into all this by joining the Town and Gown Overseas Students’ Society. I hope it still exists in some form. If so please join. Both at St Andrews and subsequently at Cornell University I gained a lot by mixing with overseas students form all over the world. Needless to say having three Swedish grandparents I made a beeline for the Swedish exchange students (the women not the men!) but sadly they only stayed one term.

    I have also read with fascination The Saint’s advice on what to buy and what not to buy. Personally I would think about a printer but a black and white laser not an inkjet printer. (Follow this link http://www.which.co.uk/technology/computing/guides/how-to-buy-the-best-printer/buying-a-cheap-printer-and-ink/). When writing anything of importance such as an essay I have always found it easier to look at hard copy. Easier to make corrections and ensure that you do not go off at a tangent and produce a well balanced, thoughtful and coherent essay or whatever.

    Enjoy yourselves and please try to ensure that you provide a warm welcome to all the new students from overseas and be patient with those who show an amazing lack of knowledge about the different parts of the British Isles.

    David Andren

    (President SRC 1961-62)


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