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It is an honour and indeed a pleasure to take up the reigns of editing the sports section of this wonderful newspaper and St Andrews institution.

Before I begin I would first of all like to pay tribute to my pred­ecessor, James Gray. It is down to his sterling efforts throughout the previous year that I am able to call on such a committed and highly skilled bunch of writers as those who write in the section.

I salute him for his strength, his courage and his indefagita­bility. I’d cut this out and paste it, if I were you – it will probably be the only ever documentary evidence of me using the words of George Galloway in a positive sense!

In our first issue of the year we have a number of excellent articles lined up for you. Martin Saarinen, our resident F1 and mo­tor-racing expert, who has been quoted by a number of industry journals, offers his latest views on movements between some of F1’s biggest teams. Meanwhile, the MMA club offer an insight into one of St Andrew’s largest growing sports societies.

There are also two fantastic interviews. The charming Jess Walker, president of the Athletic Union, outlines her plans for the year ahead. Every student with an interest in sport should be most encouraged by what she has to say.

It was also an absolute pleas­ure to speak with Hazel Irvine, a St Andrews graduate who will be a familiar face to anyone who has watched BBC coverage of an Olympic or Winter Olympic Games.

Anyone who fancies a career in sports broadcasting should scour an interview that is full of words of wisdom. For any culinary wiz­ards who have wandered over to the bad lands of sport, there is an interesting chicken dippers recipe thrown in too.

There is also a review of this year’s pre-season preparations, which saw record numbers of stu­dents return for a week of frivol­ity and physical exertion.

Summer is a difficult time to cover sport at the University. That should not detract from the fact that it has been a truly tre­mendous summer of sport.

From a purely partisan point of view, watching Andy Murray ex­ercise British tennis’ demons was wonderful. I may have missed the actual moment as I was lost trying to find the house where I was meant to watch it, however standing on that street in Finchley when history was made will live with me forever.

As sports editor I look for­ward to working with our sports clubs to create a sports section that is representative of student interests and needs. I am grateful for a fantastic opportunity and look forward to an exciting year ahead.


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